TAUS Executive Forum Meets in Tokyo in April 2016

Published Friday, March 4, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS (MARCH 4, 2016) - Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) Representative LocalizationGuy, LLC announces the 2016 TAUS Executive Forum will be held in Tokyo April 19-20 at Oracle Japan, at the Oracle Aoyama Center. Contact LocalizationGuy, LLC President Aki Ito for a special promotional code if you plan to attend.

Entitled "Hello Japan. How do we communicate?" the TAUS Tokyo Executive Forum will focus on the challenges of translation and localization for Japan and Asia, and the state of technological solutions including machine translation and post-editing. An array of translation automation industry experts and users will attend and present.

"The Executive Forum format allows for rich discussion and shared learning," said Ito. "The format helps both buyers and providers achieve progress on developing and implementing language technology solutions."

Some of this year's session topics include: TAUS 2.0 and the Game Changers in Localization; The Japanese Market - Meeting Requirements; The TAUS Translation Data Landscape Report; Empowering the Specialized Translator through Data and Technology; Quality Management Using DQF; TAUS Quality Dashboard: Turning QE into Business Intelligence; Spoken Language Translation, Past, Present and Future; Conversational Speech Translation - Challenges and Techniques; Insights in the MT Market; Unique Challenges Tackled while Implementing Machine Translation; Building an Automated Movie Transcription and Machine Translation Platform; An Investigation into the Efficiency of Translation Dictation; Streamlining MT for Asian Languages; Recent Progress in Machine Translation between Japanese and Others; How to Write at Post-Editing Guide that will Optimize Your QA Process; Make a Sign Speak Any Language.

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