LocalizationGuy Serves on Program Committee for TAUS Tokyo Forum

Published Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TOKYO (Feb. 4, 2015) - Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) will hold an Executive Forum in Tokyo on April 9 and 10 at the Oracle Aoyama Center, hosted by TAUS and Oracle Japan. The forum, entitled "Hello Japan. How do we communicate?" will be a gathering of translation technology providers, buyers and users to address the latest challenges and trends, especially as they relate to communications in Japanese. This is the fifth TAUS meeting in Japan. LocalizationGuy President Aki Ito is serving on the program committee for the forum.

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"Global communications and commerce are driving huge demand for content in many languages. TAUS is responding to the tremendous pressures the translation and localization industry faces in producing multilingual content," said Ito. "Doing business in Japan, both in terms of language and culture, is especially challenging, but technology is helping us keep up. The forum is an ideal way to get up-to-speed on what is happening."

TAUS director Jaap van der Meer and his group organized the forum along the following questions: Are you ready to use technology? Crowdsourcing translation models? Social translation platforms? Advanced workflow systems? Sharing translation data? Agreeing on translation evaluation metrics? Using cloud-based translation management systems? What is the state of play? Is machine translation technology an option? Are your translators ready to work as post-editors?

The program committee for the 2015 Tokyo TAUS Forum includes a range of academic and industry experts: Ito from LocalizationGuy; Professor Hitoshi Isahara, AAMT; Hiroki Kawano, Honyaku Center; Junichi Chigira, Oracle; Hirokazu Suzuki, Toshiba; Tetsuzo Nakamura, Electrosuisse Japan Co., Ltd.; Matthew Romaine, Gengo; Professor Sadao Kurohashi , Kyoto University; Professor Eiichiro Sumita, NICT; Professor Kyo Kageura, Tokyo University; and Professor Kayoko Takeda, Rikkyo University.

Click here for complete information about the TAUS Tokyo Forum with registration links.

Presentation proposals will also be accepted until February 15 at this link.

TAUS is a resource center for the global language and translation industry, with a mission to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better. TAUS envisions translation as a standard feature and a utility, readily available to enhance global understanding, education and discovery. TAUS supports buyers and providers of language services and technologies with a comprehensive suite of online services, software and knowledge to help them to grow and innovate. Learn more at the TAUS website.

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