LocalizationGuy Leads Consulting Sessions at Localization World Dublin

Published Saturday, June 7, 2014

DUBLIN (June 7, 2014) - LocalizationGuy president Aki Ito hosted the Consultants Round Table and co-hosted the Consultant's Microtalk at Localization World in Dublin this month. The sessions highlighted the rise of consulting in the translation and localization industry.

"Consulting in our industry is evolving from being a new idea into the mainstream," said Ito. "There are more of us doing it, and both language service providers and buyers are seeing the advantages of working with advisors who can help plan and implement localization strategies."

Ito regularly advises buyers of translation and localization services on best practices for building a localization practice, hiring translators and project managers and implementing translation technologies and processes.

LocalizationGuy, LLC, is a consultancy led by Aki Ito, a 20-year localization industry veteran and former chairman of the Globalization and Localization Association. LocalizationGuy helps purchasers of language services select and implement optimized localization teams, processes and technologies. LocalizationGuy helps providers of language services create sound business strategies, expand sales and launch strategic marketing efforts.

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